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Kaylie Franklin Kaylie Franklin
justus miner justus miner
Aoife Pettigrew Aoife Pettigrew
Guinea Pig Guinea Pig Why would some insane idiot eat a beautiful, gorgeous animals like a Guinea pig?
Robin Beaulieu Robin Beaulieu
Jaylee  Jayleeanimallover Jaylee Jayleeanimallover That is so stupid who would want to eat a helpless creature!! I mean seriously they don't have brains obviously. I love animals and I am not rude so I will never do that that makes me want to kill them.
Mary Del rio Mary Del rio guinea pig consumption is becoming massive , we need to put a stop before its too late for them.
Alexis Gold Alexis Gold If people want to eat guinea pigs, than fine. We have the right to eat meat. But don't start using them as farm animals, they're a lot of people's pets. It would be like eating dogs and cats, which I'm sure some people do, but it just doesn't seem right to eat domestic animals. I'm against this becoming acceptable or traditional in North America.
Jennifer Jen Jennifer Jen
Jenny Jennifer Jenny Jennifer How could someone eat such a sweet pet! It's not right.... It's just disgusting... Stop eating these poor critters!!!!!!!
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