Stop Dog Fighting Now

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Stop Dog Fighting Now

Stop the illegal underground world of dog fighting and help abused dogs live a normal life!

Though a felony in 48 states, dog-fighting does still occur.

Many bait dogs, which are used to train fighting dogs, are obtained through "free to good home" advertisements. Charge a rehoming fee to avoid these dogs falling into sadistic ownership.

Some disgraceful people feel the need to have innocent animals do their fighting.

I challenge everybody who joins the group to make a donation. If everybody donated just $5, we could make a world of difference. Invite others to join. Joining gets the word out, but it's the donations that really make the difference.

It's one thing to put your name next to a cause--step it up to the next level, please consider donating! $5 each...have one fewer drink this week!

Pit Bull Rescue Central, Inc is run completely by volunteers and receives no government funding nor paid fundraising. The survival of the organization is dependent upon donations. Please consider a small donation!

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