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Yvonne Lyon Yvonne Lyon none
andrea mack andrea mack burning bulls must be banned! its not entertainment or sport, its disgusting, not to mention sadistic, painful. the people who carry out this barbaric act should try setting their heads alight then running through the streets being attacked by the spectators to learn how painful and undignified it is for the bulls!!!
Michel Ofgod MJohn Michel Ofgod MJohn
herlen herlen herlen herlen
Anne Grisard Anne Grisard Stop horror, stop violence against weaker creature of our similar kind animal or human!
Juan Pablo de la Torre Juan Pablo de la Torre
marin-cudraz jerome marin-cudraz jerome stop human madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marguerite Blake Marguerite Blake Stop burning bulls.
Carlos Lungarzo Carlos Lungarzo Torture against animals is a barbarian habit that only can exist in a country dominated buy sadistic, brutal and irrational people. Spain was the craddle of the most bloody form of inquisition, and imposed to the americas the most cruel and stupid way of domination.
Ileana Carmen Carare Ileana Carmen Carare
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