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Eva Ziggy Eva Ziggy
Jeffrey Newberg Jeffrey Newberg How STUPID can people be??
Emilie Wild Emilie Wild
clare howell clare howell A Fiesta should be a fun time for all taking part not a painful, stressful blood bath for the entertainment of humans. There are other ways to enjoy a special time without making a living creature suffer in such horrible and sadistic ways.
Bernard Libbrecht Bernard Libbrecht I support the cause.
NOSS Mathieu NOSS Mathieu Some people are totally fucked up...
Candice Banks Candice Banks Please stop this insane and needless cruelty. No innocent creature should have to suffer for our amusement. I don't even understand how a human being could find something as cruel and sadistic as burning a live animal "entertaining".
Kyle Mr. Kyle Mr. Thanks for helping animals that can't speak for them self. I am supper crazy about stopping suffering so if there is anything more I can do just let me know.
James Howie James Howie This is sick, disgusting, sadistic and cruel and those who do it and go to see it are nothing more that weak, sick cowards. Ban This Now. Save The Bulls.
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