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crystal bailey crystal bailey
dzeneta Olovcic dzeneta Olovcic please stop with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ingmar Riechert Ingmar Riechert All you ill idiots, be sure we gonna get yo ! One of so many warriors of lights. Jah-Ra Sus Al-Nuit
Minute Papillon Minute Papillon Bulls are sensitive and deserve all our respect. To burn them is to be archa´c , stupid and simply cruel. Some spanish people are not humane...
Jerry Junior Jerry Junior
Jen Rivera Jen Rivera In a world that continues to grow darker through time, we need to look at the bigger pictures. If you wouldn't hurt another human being.. esp. a Child, please think about the hurt of an animal that like a child is unknowing & defenseless. If you've ever had a cut or scrap, or even a small burn... Please, stop and remember the Pain. then picture it 1000x's stronger. And, picture people watching you, clapping on and Laughing as you are in the worst pain imaginable. please stop this
George Martin George Martin
Antonia Savvidi Antonia Savvidi This is the BIGGEST ABUSE EVER SEEN! WE CAN STOP THIS!!
valerie hermant valerie hermant
xenia bor xenia bor
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