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annemarie ohara annemarie ohara this absolutely sickens me !
roisin duffy roisin duffy
Acacia Duffy Acacia Duffy
Acacia  Duffy Acacia Duffy This completely disgusts me! This should be banned throughout the world.
Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
susan scharf-hooper susan scharf-hooper this shouldnt be happening in this day and age,there's no need for this cruelty,bear bile isnt a magic medicine its a disgusting living torture for these innocent animals.
Liam Johnson Liam Johnson
Joanne  Drake Joanne Drake SICK
priscilla rodriguez priscilla rodriguez
Bassam Imam Bassam Imam Bile bears are GOD's creations. In addition, they have physical and mental feelings. These farms are truly hell-holes for every single tormented inmate therein. Please spread the word about this horrible tragedy. Best Regards, Bassam Imam Montreal, Canada
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