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Damiaan Damiaan Damiaan Damiaan Seriously Josh and co, a nickel's worth of adcive for free. Fuck the registration for the blog off.Studies have shown that blogs who require cumbersome sign ups with email addresses, and to make matters worse you can't even initially choose your own password with your blog, yes, studies have shown that people in the blogosphere totally resent having to register and then change a password to an easier one to remember' just to participate in some idle banter over television. Studies have shown.For every ten visitors to the blog who wish to comment, I bet five who want to comment give up when they see your cumbersome process. I hate bloggers who run their blogs this way I really do. It is like saying to the readers, the visitors to your blog, who are as important in lifeblood terms to the blog as original main posts by the blog owners are, it is like saying to these visitors, We have a spam problem, but even though we who run the blog visit it like thr
Lastri Lastri Lastri Lastri .Then a question: Do right and left swicth places between East and West? Hemispherically speaking, I mean? 'Cause on my screen, here in Tejas, that badge - good lookin' addition that it is - is on the left side of the page. My left.
Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie Could be Jim I can't see what would be wrong with the three service coluors Navy & Air Force blue Army brown. No doubt finer brains than ours will work on it for many weeks to come, rather than the many weeks that have passed.
annemarie ohara annemarie ohara
roisin duffy roisin duffy
Dominic Watts Dominic Watts
Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
Kate Everett Kate Everett
bryony conetta bryony conetta
Paola Mueller-Fantignoli Paola Mueller-Fantignoli
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