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Jonathan Phillips Jonathan Phillips
Roisin  Lynn Roisin Lynn Enough is enough.
Elliott Watson Elliott Watson
Deb Miller Deb Miller If most people had even a tiny insight about how animals are used for the industrial,production of food they would be horrified. Ignorance is not bliss. We need to raise everyone's awareness to a whole new responsible level.
Zoe Field-King Zoe Field-King
Lillie  Keith Lillie Keith Animals should be treated with care and if humans are going to use them for their meet then we should give them a good life first
Pili Wilson Pili Wilson watched a video highlighting the cruelty and torture animals face all their life, and how slowly and painfully they die. Animals should be treated well through their life and when they die it should be quick and painless.
Louise Fisher Louise Fisher I watched a video outlining the atrocities of battery farming and I was horrified, therefore I think it is necessary that I sign this petition.
Molly Richmond Molly Richmond I can't believe this violence is legal, it sickens me.
Poppy Guy Poppy Guy I think battery farming is disgraceful! If you are a meat eater then you should eat hens that have been in a happy lifestyle and enjoyed a nice life.
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