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Barbara Bamford Barbara Bamford How can this awful cruety still be happening. There is no need and no excuse
Valerie Long Valerie Long Stop this barbaric practice now
MIA SAMPSON MIA SAMPSON I highly disagree with battery farming and if i can help to make a difference, i will.
Emily Comens Emily Comens
Sarah Hague Sarah Hague ....these farms are no more than concentration camps for innocent animals, where they are kicked, stabbed, punched and have cigarettes stubbed out on their bodies, included in the lists of abuse. Workers are often sub-human monsters I feel, with terrible hatred towards all living things, probably other people too! Animals who are kept here live a continuous cycle of misery and pain. We say we are the superior species, but please, then why is this STILL going on? People in this industry are completely void and detached from the reality and cruelty that is inflicted. They abuse us too, for financial gain. Every day we are brain washed to keep the dairy industry ticking....Being told that milk is good for us,cheese is good for us, when the truth is its full of blood, bacteria, pus and hormones! It also causes brittle bone diseases! Something a lot of people are unaware of (look online for more information)! The dairy industry as it is should be scrapped, and farmers should start gr
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Josh Ball Josh Ball Stupid battery farms
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