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chiara angelantonio chiara angelantonio
Rosemarie Bindon Rosemarie Bindon Besides being inhumane, it is completely. Humans should not be eating the embryos of other animals! Food grows in soil! STOP this ABUSE and close battery farms! THEY ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY!
Katerina Breska Katerina Breska
Janet  Isla Janet Isla
Nathalie Smith Nathalie Smith STOP BATTERY FARMING this is a cruel method that is in humane I could not even take myself to even eat the eggs that come from chickens that are cramed in tiny cages and that are very sick it's just not right FREE them at once it is a disgrace...
Tyler Dawson Tyler Dawson
Harry Fox Harry Fox It is unethical and immoral to allow battery methods to be continued. Hens are in need of social and environmental stimulation, giving them a good quality of life!
elzbieta zukrowska-kolska elzbieta zukrowska-kolska Stop Battery Farming PLEASE !!!
Amy Lee Amy Lee
Toby Dorn Toby Dorn
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