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Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
Johanna Marshall Johanna Marshall
Lise Møllebro Lise Møllebro
Ailbhe Larkin Ailbhe Larkin
Mathew Maclennan Mathew Maclennan
Adrian Webb Adrian Webb Give up dairy farming in areas where bovine TB is prevalent until badger population has been vacinated. Is dairy farming economic? I question the cost basis of the industry and just how much it is subsidised by the tax payer
Neil McCart Neil McCart The very thought of this unnecessary organised slaughter makes me sick to the stomach.
Natasha Arbon Natasha Arbon
Rachel Jones Rachel Jones PLease please stop the badger cull going ahead. Surely you must have a hear, surely you must have a conscience and be aware of the unbeleivable cruelty you will be inflicting on these defenceless badgers when its a known fact that Badgers arent the big cause her?? Please stop the cull.
Gina Harwood Gina Harwood Overcrowding and poor conditions plus movement of cattle causes TB. The government and farmers blame badgers. For the spread of TB. Wake up!!!!!!!!. You could eradicate all badgers and you would still have TB!!!!!
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