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Iwona Borawska-Cebra Iwona Borawska-Cebra
Tamara  Zentgraf Tamara Zentgraf STOP IT! animals deserve respect!
Kaylah Ms. Kaylah Ms. I firmly believe that animals have rights and those rights should fully be enforced. Animal cruelty is disgusting and untolerable! People should take more action in the protecting of the animals' rights!
End End Stop animal cruelty! They haven't done anything wrong in the world, why the hell would you do that? Just money? come on, Why dont you skin or hurt yourself instead of skinning and doing such horrors things to animals!! It sucks I'm totally against animal cruelty
midge leon midge leon there is so much violece in our world today sick minded an hateful people who violently act out towards animals should receive the same violent acts aimed at them.those who hunt and destroy will some day be hunted.imagine having you head mounted to the wall as the best trophySTOP ANIMAL ABUSE AND UNNESSARY KILING OF THE INNOCENT ANIMALS WHO JUST WANT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY THEY DEPEND ON US WHO LOVE THEM i willnever stop trying to help
Raley Yo_Raley Raley Yo_Raley I totally agree.
Natalie Natalie bell Natalie Natalie bell i support to be against animal cruelty.100%
anquania harris anquania harris Animal cruelty is wrong!
Jennifer McLaughlin Jennifer McLaughlin
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