Stop All Inter-Tribal Bickering and Hatred


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Stop All Inter-Tribal Bickering and Hatred

Join my Cause, your Cause, our Cause to end All Inter-Tribal Bickering and Hatred. Ever since the Reorganization Act was drafted in the 1930's and basically ended the Traditional governments of Native Americans, inter-tribal bickering and hatred has grown to the point of destroying all tribes from within. A part of cultural genocide. It must stop. To end it begins with you. You should be learning and teaching your Native ways to your children and not passing on this bickering and hatred into the next generation. This is not the path of unification. Throw away these things...It is their way, not the Native way. Look deeply into your heart and your spirit and do what you know is right. You must reach out to help from the young ones to the elders. As long as this bickering and hatred continues there can be no unity. Support this Cause and promise that you will put forth all effort to change yourself and those things that are destroying your family, your tribe and your nation. Become a member and post our badge on your page. Please sign your name, your tribe (if you belong to one) and where you are from. Thank You. Peace - Ho

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