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mary  zoglio mary zoglio We need to help all the children of the world they are our future...
Amir Ghasemi Amir Ghasemi My sister is going through this and I don't know what to do to help her out anymore. This is a good cause that needs to be addressed.
karen choe karen choe
Lindsay Evans-Kaelor Lindsay Evans-Kaelor I endured Domestic Violence in my home for 4 years. No one deserves to be hit, demeaned, thrown around, or belittled. The worst point in my life: I was breast feeding my 2 month old son when the man I was with stabbed my hand with a fork telling me that I was not feeding him properly. I was beaten to a pulp repeatedly for years and finally met my best friend who helped me get out of the living hell I was in. I have forwarded this address to all women and men that I am in contact with, in hopes that awareness will spread and another woman can get out! Thank you for continuing our fight!!!
Lindsey Geshiwlm Lindsey Geshiwlm
Kimberly Tilley Kimberly Tilley
margaret evans margaret evans i think that domestic violence is a issue that is viewed at by the public as something not as serious as it really is. Perhaps this is because many of the perpetrators of domestic violence are men, and some women are afraid to stand their ground in fear of being verbally or physically hurt again. this should not be the case for women, men, or children. we as a strong and independent nation in all that we do, should set an example for other countries that do have worse cases of domestic violence. we should create a society that tells women, above anything else they are STRONG. the first key to any relationship is not feeling inferior. women should not be afraid to stand up for themselves or their children, for this is they have just as much right to an opinion as any man. if we create a society that tells women that they are strong, smart, and beautiful then when the violence if and does happen they will be able to stand up for themselves, walk away from it, and wake up for the start of
Sara Bagwell Sara Bagwell
Holly Swint Holly Swint
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