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Nathalie Maurer Nathalie Maurer Coming from a violnt family background, I am in total support of this cause!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
hayley peters hayley peters i am a survior of domestic violence and i think there shud be more help 4 people like myself out there
Suzanna Ward Suzanna Ward
Rizna  Khanom Rizna Khanom I am a victim and I want this stamped out.
Robert Redmon Robert Redmon I support this very strongly
mike downs mike downs
Fran Anderson Fran Anderson I was an abused woman,we all need education and to learn ways to stop this horrible thing.No one deserves it.Lets stop it !
Abby Palmos Abby Palmos
Karen Swan Karen Swan Stop the silece
caroline henderson caroline henderson In memory of the women who dont survive
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