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Brad Clodfelter Brad Clodfelter
Kai Baldock Kai Baldock
roxie fowlie roxie fowlie
Dena  Lee Dena Lee As a survivor of domestic violence, I pledge to help stop any domestic violence against anyone, anywhere!
james m nordlund james m nordlund Ni hao. An injustice to any is an injustice to all, "we, the people...", can't allow it :) The fundamental thing taught by Jesus was destruction and murder are of no profit or pleasure, something almost all supposed Christians are anti-thetically opposed to, as is your gov't; and a gleaning from Native American teaching, et al, all life are needed threads in the fabric of life. Put your shadow behind you, give a hand to a sister :) reality
Jeremy Burroughs Jeremy Burroughs
Susy Grenier Susy Grenier
Beth Smith Beth Smith Domestic violence loves ignorance. The more people know, the better prepared they are to help.
Lynne Hall Lynne Hall This is wonderful. I work with domestic violence victims and well as a survivor myself
Tracie Campbell Tracie Campbell I have been a survivor for over 4 yrs.I have been in and out of abusive relationships for over 15 yrs. I am very happy to be single raising my kids on my own.
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