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Karin Braunsberger Karin Braunsberger
Mary Riley Mary Riley
Alan Kardoff Alan Kardoff Domestic Violence is the true terror that the US faces. Iraq and Al Quieda can't ever come close. The US Government must put more money into fighting the real War-- Domestic Violence. The Iraq War is lost and there is nothing to show. A 10% reduction in domestic violence, allowing abused women a chance to make a choice, rather than continuing to be cowered--this will make a difference in American Society. This war needs troops and support, such as more shelters for abused people. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS AMERICA'S REAL WAR!
Kristin Lindsey Kristin Lindsey I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful cause to STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!
Deborah Zapp Deborah Zapp
Jill Gabreau Jill Gabreau There can be no human rights without women's rights. And the most elementary of these women's rights, is the right to be free from violence and fear of violence.
Julie Brutnell Julie Brutnell Please help stop this domestic violence
Irma Paulme Irma Paulme
Sharon Reeman Sharon Reeman
Simon Wood Simon Wood What about violence by mothers against children?
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