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The once proud area of Glasgow known as SPRINGBURN suffered greatly with the decline of the steam train.

Much of this once bustling community has been destroyed over the last 50 or so years.Many of it's former residents have been displaced to other towns,cities and countries and their houses and business premises demolished to make way for new roads and mordernisation.

However,is it not a DISGRACE that it's HISTORY is so neglected that the MUSEUM has been closed and its artefacts placed in storage?

Two of it's once magnificent buildings remain but in a very sad atate of neglect,namely THE PUBLIC HALLS and THE WINTER GARDENS in Springburn Park.

That said,we the undersigned call on the City Fathers to take immediate action to restore BOTH of these ICONIC BUILDINGS and bring them back into use.

For anyone too young to have known OLD SPRINGBURN may I commend Steven Dewar's wonderful site "Reminiscences of Springburn" http://www.oldspringburn.wetpaint.com/ where the pictures and posts may give you a sense of how it influenced so many and shaped their future lives.

We believe THE WINTER GARDENS should be returned to it's former glory and THE PUBLIC HALLS could house the artefacts from the former MUSEUM and be brought back into public service for the benefit of all.

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