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Spinnin Innocence

Here at Spinnin Innocence we want to spin you back to the innocence once had before the destruction of abuse devastated the meaning and to reduce the trauma that a child abuse, Domestic Abuse, or Even Animal Abuse investigations can pose for the child, woman, man, or animal. Before our program came into being, there were that many more out there suffering that just didnt know they had the wide array of options to turn to & more frequently endured stressful examinations and numerous interviews by various agencies, often in cold, sterile facilities. Only to fall back into the cycle and be forced to be victimized over and over. Its out there and even when in plain view the clouds that encompass straight, clear hopeful views are often hard to see through or past, we want to help you through that cloud, hold you above it and see closure & most of all JUSTICE. Spinnin you back to innocence.

Deliver a highly effective alternative, finding & bringing multiple agencies together in a single, safe and comforting environment for children in crisis. Helps to locate & coordinates medical, mental health, investigative and legal professionals to work together for your individual situation, to provide less traumatic and faster investigation and to determine where your options are to receive the help you need.

For an abused child, abuse is terror, confusion, inhumane and wrong but even once you get to that ending point of the current and ongoing abuse it will unfortunately remain somewhere in that little person or woman or man and we want to help you to channel those effects to the most positive outcome possible. We know that adjusting to life after abuse is difficult.Lets join in hold hands offer a shoulder and knowledge and overcome it together

We can help begin the healing.

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