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In the form of a ribbon reminder, Shine!™ has given a whole new meaning to the term, bling!!!


Lieve in yourself

In spite the odds; and


Give up!

And I’m making 2010 the time to Shine!™; by passing out shimmer, encouraging everyone to glow. We’re not just talking inner beauty here people; but about finding that spark that makes you, come alive! It’s a new year (and no, I’m not going to say it’s time for a new you) but the true you!!! Be yourself; stop living in someone else shadow; stand outside the box; refuse to conform and join my campaign. Show the world, as I have - you will gleam no matter what - by displaying your bling, confidently! Oh yeah, and always, always… Shine!™ on!!!

For your free “bling” Ribbon™, e-mail me today, at sparkleshimmer_shine@yahoo.com

Shine!™, a fundraising campaign of Diamonds In The Rough Nonprofit Organization™, was designed to further the endeavors of people helping people. Targeting individuals who might otherwise, not reach their full potential, due to tough times. Encouraging them to never give up and fall victim to circumstance. To be true to what they feel inside; and live out their dreams!

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