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Save the Sharks

Save Sharks from extinction! Between 100 - 400 million sharks a year are slaughtered for their fins, thrown back into the sea to slowly die a painful death. Soon we will lose one of the planets most majestic creatures, that has been swimming in the worlds oceans for over 400 million years. Due to the greed of man, we may wipe out one of the worlds most ancient inhabitants.

People think of terrifying imagery when they picture sharks, but in reality elephants are responsible for killing more people than sharks are. The negative media received by these mysterious creatures will ultimately be their downfall. If we don't let people know the truth about these ancestors of the sea, we may face losing them forever.

Please help spread the awareness of the plight of sharks and the extinction they are facing. The extinction of sharks would catastrophically upset the delicate ecosystems of the oceans that have been carefully balanced for 100s of millions of years. It is a well know fact that changes in our oceans have significant repercussions for us on land. The ocean is responsible for the majority of the carbon dioxide absorbed and oxygen produced to help our planet breathe.

Our generation are facing the task of correcting the faults caused by the greed of previous generations. If we do not act now we are leaving our future generations an even bigger problem.

In the minutes you have spent reading this 100s of sharks have been slaughtered needlessly for their fins.

Please sign this petition and forward this to your friends to help raise awareness.

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