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Maureen Schat Maureen Schat
Amanda Haas Amanda Haas
Kimiko Yamamoto Kimiko Yamamoto Expansion and Desecration should be stopped. No more ruin the beauty of nature!!!
Kim  Masovic Kim Masovic Protect the peaks!!!!!!!!!!
Danielle Varnes Danielle Varnes Religious Freedom- Human Rights NOW!!
Angelika Welte Angelika Welte As a qualified social worker, mother of three kids and grandmother of a granddaughter and artist I have seen so many social and cultural ills of this world and experience. Above all, I have painfully found that people have in recent years, more death than alive and that the money will replace the contents of life that can not be bought by money. How can you destroy a sacred site and its environment so as to break the right of people to their faith and their country? If we were all finally understand that we are the grains of sand, which could form a powerful, living sandstorm, if all the companies, those in power, who see themselves as a rock, notice that they would be buried in the sand storm.
Cerissa Hoglander Cerissa Hoglander
Len Chester Len Chester SAVE THE PEAKS!
Pellerin Vincent Pellerin Vincent Nous sommes avec vous...
Lindy Barnes Lindy Barnes
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