Save the Peaks, end the Hunger strike!!!!

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Save the Peaks, end the Hunger strike!!!!

The San Francisco Peaks located in N. Arizona are rare alpine habitat in this desert region. They are home to the

endangered plant the San Fransisco Peaks Groundsel Packera franciscana, endemic only to the alpine tundra of these mountains. This mountain too is held sacred by over 13 indigenous tribes residing in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.

As we speak, Arizona Snowbowl, a

limited partnership Corporation is logging old growth trees for new ski runs and

installing pipeline intended to haul reclaimed wastewater to the mountain

for snowmaking. The use of reclaimed wastewater for snowmaking has never

been used at any other ski resort. It threatens the entire peaks ecosystem with hormone disrupting chemicals, also a serious health risk for our children and anyone who may come in contact with the wastewater snow or run-off.

It also desecrates the religious sanctity of the mountain. After decades of

battling with the Forest Service, the Flagstaff City Council and other

government agencies to stop this desecration, the Arizona Snowbowl has been allowed to continue its assault on the San Francisco Peaks. The fight is now in the

11th hour.

Two young Flagstaff residents have begun a hunger strike in protest of these atrocities and to urge action on this issue. With every day that passes their health and well being is also at risk. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak has the ability to cancel Snowbowls contract. The Forest Service has the authority to pull Snowbowl's Special Use Permit and the Flagstaff City Council can cancel their contract to sell reclaimed wastewater to Snowbowl.

You can help!

Pressure these agencies to take action immediately.

Write a letter, email, make a phone call or add your signature below to the petition!

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We need another -42 signatures so that we can Write! call! email! City Council: council@flagstaffaz.gov, Vilsak: agsec@usda.gov, Forest Service: estewart@fs.fed.us.
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