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Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
Kate Ross Kate Ross You need to send the petition to the Lands Minister, it is his portfolio. WA.- Brendon Grylls. He created Royalties for Regions. That is where the funding is from, through to the management of Aborigional Lands Trust: stations.
Geovany Geovany Geovany Geovany Thankgod they have not kiiled all those stnnniug horses.Its discusting to tghink after the headlines a few years ago that reach the news some how,on the slaughter of brumbies in nsw,how it wasnt done humanily.The horse were shot with no regard to the plight of the foal at foot,nor did they care about shooting to kill first shot,some of these porr horse were left to die after been shot in the backside ,legs neck and just left to die,that due headlines ,bad for them,so to try and do this again is discusting.horses bring so much pleasure to alot of people,and i might add troubled youth.Why carnt a program be set up like that,to train these horse and help poeple.It takes effort i guess,something the goverment could not be bothered doing,they would rather sneak people in to slaughter these horse and hope to gd no-one knows.Well wrong arnt they
Lucinda Chamberlain Lucinda Chamberlain Its about we humans took responsibility for our glorious mistakes with kindness, respect and a better solution then just a bullet to the head. Thank gods humans are not culled considering the cancerous damage we are to the natural world. Politicians heed the call Killing for Environment is not the Environment we want.
Heather mcdowellu Heather mcdowellu
Shelley Brown Shelley Brown
Naomi  Holt Naomi Holt Please save these amazing creatures!! They deserve to live in their NATURAL enviroment!!
Ron Woff Ron Woff
Leonie Chester Leonie Chester Please save the brumbies. They are part of our heritage.
Shonnie Malfroy Shonnie Malfroy
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