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Aerial Culling is the cruelest form of horse slaughter

Please keep up the emails going to Minister Peter Collier to stop this inhumane cull.

There is an application from the Aboriginal Lands Trust, section of Dept. of Indigenous Affairs, to the Minister for Indig.Affairs Peter Collier, for funding to carry out an aerial cull on the Arabian bloodline wild horses which live around the Lake Gregory area of the East Kimberley. The ALT spokesperson/Chairman, Clinton Wolfe is saying there are 10,000 horses there. This is not true. We have done 3 surveys of the entire area and counted only up to 500 horses. Minister Dr Kim Hames believed us last year and flew over the area himself. He counted up to about 700. This move by the ALT is an attempt to free up grasslands next to the lake for a pastoralist to be able to put cattle there; another example of Barnett government using taxpayers money on behalf of private investors. Cattle will ruin the lake and environment, as they do elsewhere. The horses improve the land by spreading indigenous seed and creating one line firebreaks. The communities at Lake Gregory are being misled by our government. Improvements for their living conditions should be payed for from DIA funding. These horses are valuable, some being sold as Walers by people who steal them thousands of dollars. When will our govt. get off its backside and give the area at Lake Gregory over to interested tourist investors so it can develop to its full potential and the horses managed and admired as assets?

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