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Eamon cdfbhv Eamon cdfbhv I am very interested in this lynx. I dont want it to die off.
Anny  Karine Anny Karine
Jeffrey Lobo Jeffrey Lobo
Cecilia  Johnson Cecilia Johnson
kimberly rice kimberly rice
Carlos Fernandez Carlos Fernandez
Jacquelyn Jacque Jacquelyn Jacque
Sergio  Medina Mata Sergio Medina Mata
Deleah Salsbury Deleah Salsbury My Senior Project is to help these beautiful cats survive!
Brittney Burns Brittney Burns i believe that the iberian lynx is a very beautiful preshous cat. it's sad that their criticuallyextinct because to be quite honist i never knew about them until a few weeks back. I've been doing a project finding out so much information. Its a shame. Save the lynx!
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