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Prerna Singh Prerna Singh I am only a child but i would like to see all animals recover from there current position. Us humans have done so much to harm many creatures. While we live our comfortable lives with hygenic and clean water it is at the price of the decrease of these wonderful creatures. Why make them suffer? Put yourself in their shoes.
Ana Postudor Ana Postudor They're some cute cats.
Ailbhe Larkin Ailbhe Larkin
jesse singh jesse singh we cant let the lynx go extinct
mary jane foley mary jane foley
Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew
Caitlin Trout Caitlin Trout The Iberian Lynx is an amazing creature that plays a part in the enviroment. Everyone should help play a part in saving them!
Erika  Thomas Erika Thomas
Myah Pritchett Myah Pritchett They are harmless and cute.
eric eric eric eric save the lynx
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