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Louise Seager Louise Seager Vital project, priceless creatures.
Marie  Dopico Marie Dopico
cfvhjjujg segjk cfvhjjujg segjk vfshtyjstyjx
Alice Cat Alice Cat Save the Lynx if we dont than we will soon regret it.
David Priddle David Priddle It is imperative that urgent and concerted efforts be made to save this magnificent animal from extinction. The populations of Spain and Portugal should be embarrassed that numbers of these animals has decreased so incredulously. Only the efforts of Australia in contributing to the extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus Cynocephalus) appear to be worse. Remember that once a species becomes extinct, it is gone forever and does not come back. Shame, Portugal and Spain!!!!
anita moss anita moss
Travion Gaines Travion Gaines
joseph  joey joseph joey I really love the iberian lynx. I just did my 4th grade project on this animal and found a new interest. I am a fan for life, same this animal so it is around longer then me. I am 9 so lets get to work and ave the Iberian Lynx. Your new biggest fan.
morgan spencer morgan spencer
Amanda Andersson Amanda Andersson
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