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Benjamin Haenle Benjamin Haenle Please help the Iberian lynx sincerely Benjamin Haenle PS(thanks)
Joshua Lin Joshua Lin I really want to save this keystone species from the brink of extinction.
uhuh uhuh uhuh uhuh
Elisa Rivera Elisa Rivera
Danielle Nozza Danielle Nozza
Sarah Burton Sarah Burton
Ros Altaira Ros Altaira This planet would be a much sadder place without these beautiful cats. Don't let them go.
emma marchant emma marchant
Sebastian Wolf Sebastian Wolf Once, while walking through a complex exhibit run by a wildlife rescue/preservation group, I came across an Iberian lynx. He was the only one in his cage, sleeping peacefully on a perch. As I was looking at him, he awoke, and met my eyes. I have a vivid picture of it in my memory -- we were in close quarters, and his eyes were fiery gold. It is haunting to think that, were it not for their slowly improving population, I would have a memory of being eye-to-eye with an extinct animal.
annette lundberg annette lundberg The iberian lynx is the first spieces of cat to be threatened to go extinct since the sabled toothed tiger and as a european i feel ashamed that more is not done to save them and their habitat! We can afford it! Great research is being done on the lynx so The habitat is what is mostly missing... having to roads crossing the Donana national park is crazy!
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