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Aaron Zane Aaron Zane Cats are fucking ridiculous, and this one has a really stupid beard-thing, but they're still cool! Lets try to save these guys.
Cecilia McElroy Cecilia McElroy
xwanxlvuld xwanxlvuld xwanxlvuld xwanxlvuld 1yh46I yohyuesvbyrs
wqjvziryuzo wqjvziryuzo wqjvziryuzo wqjvziryuzo GXVq1w jfhyslhojcsw
Heii Heii Heii Heii Meryl, more than that. The WaPo in its editorial today cited Cordoba as an exmpale of how Christians, Jews and Muslims lived together peacefully for 800 years!FALSE.The Rambam and his family were forced to flee Cordoba somewhere in the mid 12th century CE. Given that Islam had only been around for 400 or so years at that point, that marked the end of peaceful coexistence about 400 years short of the Post's assertion.But worse the whole reason the Jews (and Christians) had to leave Cordoba was because the Almohads, from northern Africa conquered the area and gave the dhimmi the option of converting or dying. So Jews and Christian preferred to leave. If this is the coexistence that Rauf aspires to, I don't think that any of the criticisms of his venture are misplaced.
Rae Castina Rae Castina
tamara eisenhut tamara eisenhut pleaxe help
hanna chitrik hanna chitrik
Ilia Tzvetkov Ilia Tzvetkov
marie josé daspique marie josé daspique
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