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Heidi Dohr Heidi Dohr
Maria Draganescu Maria Draganescu Stop the illegal cutting of our forest! Am fost acasa cu un grup din Anglia. Am vazut 3!! da, 3!! camione pline de copaci taiati fara stampile langa Belis, Cluj-Napoca!!! Oribil!! Sa va fie rusine la cei care i-au spaga!
Dorota Gontarz Dorota Gontarz
McKenzie Duncan McKenzie Duncan
Ana Postudor Ana Postudor Wow Im from Romania and I like forrests.
Dana Bucuresteanu Dana Bucuresteanu
simona  cazacu simona cazacu
ILIE Preda ILIE Preda Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save All Romanian Forest not just Virgin Forest !!!
Madalina Ivascu Madalina Ivascu
Robert Turner Robert Turner I live in a country where my forests were destroyed before i was born and when you no longer have them you will see the futility of destruction too late
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