Save Our Rainforests

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Save Our Rainforests

Our rainforest's are being cut down at a rate of 6000 acres and hour. We are still to understand what the effect this will have, but it is clear that with the rainforests disappearing at such an alarming rate it will have a devastating effect on the planet and the stability of the supported ecosystems.

Currently, deforestation is responsible for 18% of the world's carbon emissions! This is due to illegal logging, and effects the environment, the habitats of wildlife and the local people who depend on the forest for survival.

If we can raise enough names we will get sponsorship from a number of high profile multinational companies (yet to be confirmed) who will then be able to guarantee the protection and preservation of a substantial amount of rainforest in south America and also South East and Central Asia.

We can make a real difference by introducing protection and ongoing monitoring of the rainforests, hiring local people to protect areas from logging and pollution.

We need to collect enough signatures and support to convince the major multinational companies and governments across the world to dedicate money and resources to protecting and maintaining the remaining rainforest.

Please sign this cause and forward this to your friends. We need your support!

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