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Save Niyamgiri Hills

In 2006 Sterlite, a subsidiary of UK mining company Vedanta built a refinery in Niyamgiri Hills, Orissa, India.

The intention was to mine bauxite from the Niyamgiri Hills, which is in reserved forest. It is also home to indigenous communities who are dependent on it for their livelihood.

Mining on Niyamgiri will destroy its rich biodiversity and wildlife.

Niyamgiri is the source of two rivers Bansadhara and Nagaballi. The refinery consumes 30,000 cu.mtrs of water per day severely affecting the ecological systems and the communities.

The toxic waste material from the refinery pollutes air, ground and water.

Since 2003 different groups have mobilised to fight Vedanta.

At the centre of the struggle was the Dongria’s sacred mountain, the ‘mountain of law’. The Dongrias worship the top of the mountain as the seat of their god and protect the forests there

Vedanta Resources wanted to mine the bauxite from the top of the same mountain.

The Dongria Kondh would lose their livelihood, their identity and the sanctity of their most religious site.

Recently Vedanta decided to apply for mining afresh.

Here is the link.


And here is the story of the People living there



Save the Tribals and save the nature!!!!

Hope for a great support

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