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Chantelle Jones Chantelle Jones All the best Amy. Remember who god bless no man curse!! god blessed u with a wonderful talent dont let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Get Well Soon
DREAMER DREAMER DREAMER DREAMER GOD believes you because HE gave you this magnificent talent: the music. We believe you. But you need to believe you for your soul and body to be cured. Take care and come back to us. We are waiting for you. Dreamer
Dreamer Dreamer Dreamer Dreamer Dear Amy! Back to coherence, back to conscience, back to healthful weight, back to cured body and soul. We are waiting for you. Dreamer
Carlos Ferrera Torres Carlos Ferrera Torres We need Amy ALIVE, please, help her!!
Karen Croom Karen Croom Just want her to get better. Her unbelievable talent should not be wasted. She needs to get rid of Blake and all the others that brought her down.
Analigia Francisco Analigia Francisco This girl represents a tendency that is killing our young people.I lost a son because of the drugs. Amy asks for help Through the actions in public.She is screaming for everybody the ones that they need a help and that we only hear when we know that the day dawned and one more body dead found This is an important moment. We need to hear that request
Austin Grey Austin Grey Most amazing female singer since as far as I can remember. Beautiful and talented. Fucking. Marry. Me.
barbara lšng barbara lšng We can`t help you if you won`t help yourself!! Get well soon!!!
Sarah Smith Sarah Smith Keep her head high people would kill to see her fall.
Coralie Coralie Coralie Coralie I love you...and I would so much that you get better
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