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Bianca Zeitoun Bianca Zeitoun
Melissa Hirschheimer Melissa Hirschheimer
Bianca  Oglouyan Bianca Oglouyan
Cotie Williams Cotie Williams
Maria Picardi Maria Picardi
john john john john
Thomas Cravo Thomas Cravo SAVE AMY!!!!!!!!!
Desiree Lopez Desiree Lopez I love you Girl. Get well soon. The world won't be the same with out your music.
Tove Unhjem Tove Unhjem While walking in the woods this afternoon; it was snowing, dark and very quite and beautiful,- you, Amy Jade, came to me, strongly!It was like you wanted to tell me something, and I got the overwhelming felling of menthal pain and sorrow! I still have this strong emotion, something is happening to you now. You have to take care, my friend, now! You are something very special, to a lot of people. Don`t let that stress you, I know it can!!, in any way, it`s only love, Amy Jade! Remember; Today is the first day of the rest of your, Amy`s, life. My door is open! Send good karma to Amy Jade! Love Tove
Malusa Sánchez Malusa Sánchez I hope the request of all is so strong for the universe conspires to give to Amy wisdom and strength to save its life and its talent. Fervent and lovingly: an admirer of her music and talent
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