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hana nasiri hana nasiri i love your voice, and i hope you know that this drug shouldn't be controlling your life. come on amy, you can do it.
Artem Moskalew Artem Moskalew Just do whatever it takes to save her!
German Robles German Robles Please, save Amy, please, for god love
Marlene Blennberger Marlene Blennberger
Robert Jové Robert Jové Come on... we are not rats! We are human beings... those who are near her... help her!!! Come on Amy, forget all this shit... just think about you... what the fuck do you want to be? One more Janis? Kurt? Jim? Jimmy? Or worst... a Courtney? Come on... reconsider... I don't know WTF I'm signing in here, I just feel that it's a shame not try to help you...
Rebba NYC Rebba NYC Amy is now a Special Needs patient. Abuse and Ketamine and alcohol binges have damaged her. Each concert appearance is now a trigger for a week-long binge. To protect Amy, enforce contract terms: -- Ten days prior to any onstage performance, monitoring is put in place to observe Amy for binge drinking or drug use. This system is written into all contracts. -- Amy's normal non-binge behavior is tolerated. -- The basic condition is that onset of an alcoholic binge or drug use will cancel the contracted music festival appearance. -- Cancellation is done automatically and without appeal. Amy can sing sober or not at all. Charlotte Heathcote: "TROUBLED Amy Winehouse hopes to overcome her demons in time to play a series of summer gigs in Britain." Medically, this is destructive nonsense. Binges will kill this young woman. DO NO HARM.
bart czukiewski bart czukiewski save amy w
Molly Hall Molly Hall amy its so weird that so many people are trying to get her better when she doesnt even know us, but i hope she does. x
Jessica Elliot Jessica Elliot Your songs have helped me through so many hard times. Now you need to help yourself. You are a great talent and the world will have lost so much if you go. x
Silvia Martins Silvia Martins Save yourself girl go back to reality and see thats you are really wonderfull, don't need this to be a Star. You born this a star real bright, so young girl!!!!! Sister we really loves you around the world!!!!!! Hope free your mind and your heart isn't die OUR HEART HOPES THIS!!!!! YOUR FREEDOM!!!! SAVE AMY!!!!!
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