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Save Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is in desperate need of help - she has been given months to live unless she sorts her self out and kicks drink and drugs for good. She’s been on a downward spiral since her triumphs of 2004. Its a terrible state of affairs for such a talented girl and it is even worse to see this plastered all over the tabloids every day.

Every day since her husband was sent to prison last month things have been getting worse and worse. This past week its just been out of control. This week we’ve been treated to daily doses of Amy Winehouse’s pathetic cries for help and refusal to accept help.

She needs to cancel all her tours and public appearances as this just gives her more reason to turn to drugs - she needs rehab or to be sectioned - it is the only way!!!

If she goes on this European tour it will be the same all over again, she wouldn’t be able to hold it together on stage long enough to get through a song, much less an entire performance. Then yesterday she was wandering around London in her underwear, barefoot and blurry-eyed.

Please help!!

Sign the petition to get her into rehab and better for good - sectioning her if neccesary!!


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