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Eileen Berti Eileen Berti I'm with you. Rescue, spay, neuter.Humans need to be responsible to stop this horrible problem.
ulrike böcher ulrike böcher
Nancy Karkas Nancy Karkas
ashley larock ashley larock Aw. that is sad. Strays shoulld be saved. I just had a had a stray dog a few weeks ago and named her Kayla. I was heart-broaken. I think there mite be a few abandond dogs at this house. I am not positive but I think there is. There is one pitbull, a doberman, and a red -nose doberman
Jesica Howard Jesica Howard
Luis Zuniga Luis Zuniga Save those poor abused animals!
Linda Szymoniak Linda Szymoniak
Cyrene Powell Cyrene Powell
Catherine Grejon Catherine Grejon
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