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jamison molovinsky jamison molovinsky nobody should abused animals. animals are just like humans. lets help to save animals.
Johanna Marshall Johanna Marshall
gemma keizer gemma keizer
Michelle Cary Michelle Cary The animal control officer in your area needs to be reported to the authorities. Call the local news station and the local papers to report this. I guarantee you those dogs will be taken care of pretty quickly and someone will have to answer for this negligence. Sometimes you just have to be a "B"!
Ira Benavides Ira Benavides I'm a supporter to help save abused animals
simran simran simran simran i want 2 help injured animals all over the world they need our help i hpoe that the people reading will get others to sign this 2 help save the animals.
Romane Gosselin Romane Gosselin Il ne devrait pas y avoir de chiens errants, sans famille, sans toit... c'est profondément injuste ! :( SIGNEZ LA PETITION
Vannina Giacomoni Vannina Giacomoni
georgia cooper georgia cooper i love animals
Kayleigh McElderry-Wilkinson Kayleigh McElderry-Wilkinson
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