Rescueartists.com 100% of sales to artists


Web Site:   www.sauvonsnosartistes.com

Rescueartists.com 100% of sales to artists

Rescueartists.com 100% of sales to artists.

Rescueartists.com desir allow as many artists to live their dreams and giving this subsidy to different member of www.sauvonsnosartistes.com for the production of music videos, recording an album and the production of campaign advertising in the

Show Business.

Thank you to all the generous donors through thousands of your dream will come true

English version coming soon

Sauvons Nos Artistes 100 % des ventes aux Artistes.

Sauvons Nos Artistes desir Permettre au plus grand nombre d'artistes de vivre de leurs reves et cela en accordant differente subvention aux membre de www.sauvonsnosartistes.com pour la production de videoclip, l'enregistrement d'un album et la production de campagne publicitaires dans le domaine du

Show Business.

Merci a tous les genereux donateurs grace a vous des milliers de reve se realiseront


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