Right for girl children to live

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Right for girl children to live

Dr. Mitu Khurana refused to abort her twin daughters when she was falsely tricked into a sex determination test by Dr.Kamal Khurana, her husband and also a doctor himself. Mitu’s story of struggle began here. Her staunch refusal to abort her children led her husband to eventually throw her out of their house. At other times she was harassed in a multitude of ways, from being denied food and water to being coaxed into giving her daughters up for adoption after they were born.

When Mitu realized that doctors at Jaipur Golden Hospital, had tricked her into a sex determination test she decided to speak out against this crime. She filed a complaint with the Women’s Commission and various NGOs and also became the first woman to file a complaint under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act in Delhi.

No action has yet been taken against her husband and her in-laws. Both a high court judge and her workmates asked her to drop the case and reconcile with her husband. She has also been advised to continue her efforts in getting pregnant till she has a son.

Dr. Mitu Khurana is brave woman who has spoken out against sex selective abortion which a serious problem in our country and goes mostly undetected or is hidden under layers of societal pressures, much like all other gender based violence.

A U.N report reveals that 1.2 million girls were ‘missing’ in India between 1981 and 1991 due to sex selective abortions and female infanticide, while 4 million died prematurely due to neglect. So what is that is so unforgivable about being a woman in this country?


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