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This is a grass root idealism of searching to help those in need. Those First Born who have lost there lot in life. Saving Gods Children one at a time from Poverty and Degradation in society through housing, clothing,funding,feeding,even toward development of projects for mans self evident expediant future. We will be constantly looking for finacial programs to uplift the (individual) financially within Gods regulatory ideals. Yet not only financialy but Spiritually so that the world is influenced by the transformation of their lives ... As the flundering founder of this program i have been in this situation and am finding my way back thinking to bring others away from the degradation forced upon me in society. since noone not even Famiy reached out to help. This is GODS desire for his Church--- Restore your brother in the Faith (he meant fiancially physically emotionally and Spiritually) GODS people did nothing to help knowing me since i was a child yet condemned me without cause wrongfully..but i still stand for what is true in society and in the Day he comes back He will judge rightously..... The Fruit of the Spirit is love,Joy,PEACE,GENTLENESS,LONG SUFFERING,we cannot afford not to FORGIVE-FORBEARANCE & GIVING A FATHERS PLEA holding oe anothers hand to help the individual rise not fall in this society

Michael Finch

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We need another -1 signatures so that we can To help out the first born ..
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