Reinstate Lewis Hamilton winner of the Belgian GP

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Reinstate Lewis Hamilton winner of the Belgian GP

Reinstate Lewis Hamilton as winner of the 2008 Formula 1 Belgium Grand-Prix (07th September 2008).

Lewis Hamilton was unfairly stripped of the victory after race stewards at Spa ruled he had gained an advantage from cutting a chicane while challenging Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen for the lead even though he followed the rule book and allowed Kimi Raikkonen to pass him before taking him on the next corner.

Raikkonen crashed out on the penultimate lap, leaving Brazilian team mate Felipe Massa to be declared winner several hours after the end of the race when Hamilton was given a retrospective drive-through penalty.

The decision to impose a 25 second penalty was ridiculous and wrong.

If the FIA want to encourage overtaking and excitement in Formula 1 they are going the wrong way about it!!

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