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I love the late Michael Jackson, and something has been worrying me for some time now, and this is the privacy of Michaels children.

This petition is aimed at the media, and his fans as well (this petition will be sent to the media, whether it will have any impact remains to be seen but this is somehthing i feel the strong need to do - and we never know until we try something)

His fans - I know you mean well, but i see so many videos on youtube and various articles all over the internet about Michael's 3 children, yes i do understand the need to love his children like we love Michael, but it is not helping them by drawing attention to them, they need their privacy and should not have thousands of articles plastered online about them. let us just remember them in our prayers and keep them in our hearts.

To the Media, You hounded Michael when he was alive, and still do now, but you can't hurt him anymore, but what you can do now is show respect to his childrens privacy..i do appreciate their may be times when some attention is needed, but let them dictate when this happens and not you! Your treatment of Michael had a huge impact on him, affecting his health and peace of mind, please please do not do this to his children, i know deep within you have a heart, show us that heart please and leave his children alone!

To those that are not a fan of Michael, at least think of his children. you wouldn't like someone you loved hounded would you?..no, so please help as a concerned human being

I do believe as Michael sang, if we all come together as one we can have an impact!

If you agree with this then please sign my petition

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