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Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed What's sad is that instead of trnyig to help these people, they just throw them in jail. This guy obviously needs some type psychological help He is probably schizophrenic .
Liarne Clarke Liarne Clarke
Sue Grant Sue Grant This girl needs some major psychiatric help. Where do people like this come from. I just wish once she would get a taste of her own medicine although that is only promoting more crap like this with violent behaviors. This girl needs to be check on and arrested, literally. She should not be allowed to have any animal in her grasps, period. Why hasn't she been arrested and where is the ASPCA when all this is going on. There is something funny about this story as I would think law enforcement would have done something by now.
Kayleigh McElderry-Wilkinson Kayleigh McElderry-Wilkinson
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Ihsan Ihsan Ihsan Ihsan How old is Izzy? I really can't igimane too that I can have a bite on a tomato.. She really has a weird sense of taste..Maybe she think is was an apple.. Ms.Amber recently posted..
Paola Mueller-Fantignoli Paola Mueller-Fantignoli
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