petition to the European Parliament,Italian child

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petition to the European Parliament,Italian child

more than 35,000 children abducted from the Italian state and sold in the market of "adoption and child abuse and sometimes sent to the grave, the courts are complicit, more social services, in these cases and people of political power, only in 2009 have disappeared more 1000 children, in our case the victims are hundreds, some died in real concentration camps, lives ruined forever, and the guilty are all at home ..........

our cause. seek justice because they had ruined my children are fighting for Never again, I do not wish any mother in this world to suffer what I suffered, I lived the hell on my skin and my little angels ruined forever , I ended up in hell with my little family destroyed? in 2010 and in Europe, in Italy there a holy woman who ruined hundreds of children killed and dozens of them, mature and exterminated to the last breath still free with his 17 accomplices !!!!!! and the camps are still open because I struggle with children in any other mother suffered what I suffered myself, I am entitled to a real Justice help me please, do not we sorrender , we can not keep quiet in front of a reality so horrible , we fight with these monsters, I said if I could not save my children, I have to try for the others, thank you.............sign for petition please,maby you can save other

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