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Laurine Laurine Laurine Laurine Obama lifts HIV travel ban ab Worldofjames wdljooframes.com/2009/11/02/obama-lifts-hiv-travel-ban view page cached Well done Barack Obama for taking a step another step that once again softens the image of the USA: the lifting of entry restrictions to people who are HIV positive. From the page
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Casandra Casandra Casandra Casandra May25bill cihak I am currently pistong a lot on a site called Martialtalk.com and I posted a link to your videos. The typical response, as I am sure you know, is that you edit the video. If possible, the next time you do a video, could you show exactly how many people were approached, and how many signed. It would help to move the debate past the they edit the video argument. thanks.
Tim Summer Tim Summer
Reshmi Andrews Reshmi Andrews
John  Fenwick John Fenwick End the ban!

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