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upendra singh upendra singh no comments, v ll do watever required if it can help in anyway for our SANJU
Sanjeev Mishra Sanjeev Mishra Sanju baba we love you, and always with you...we will pray for you
shanil desai shanil desai
devanand goburdhun devanand goburdhun sanjay dutt deserves mercy
Vinith Pillai Vinith Pillai Sanju baba deserves to b free out of this hell...
Nitten Nair Nitten Nair
Subhaan  Altaf Subhaan Altaf Oh this is so bad..... when all the corrupt people roam free in India and criminal are free in India why is Sanju Baba targeted.... Just for a gun he purchased to protect his family from bloody bhai..... Dear Governor of Maharashtra you should pardon him, forgive him please.....
Daniyal Akber Daniyal Akber Baba is an innocent...he doesn't desrve this....he is a legend
Steffi Anksuni Steffi Anksuni
Christaline Pereira Christaline Pereira Wake up guys, Sanjay does not deserve this, engage ur time for de real culprits n not on people who have suffered n paid
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