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Yusuf Yusuf Yusuf Yusuf Each job needs some dignity and dceorum. Policeman's job needs to keep some distance from convicted criminals undergoing their sentence. It is the duty of the policeman to keep some distance away from convicted criminals. This is nothing to do with personal feelings or inhumane treatment. What the policeman did was wrong in embracing Dutt because1. It brings down the dignity and dceorum of his job.2. It gives an impression (perhaps rightly) to other criminals that Dutt is getting preferential treatment compared with others. All inmates of the jail should be treated same by those in authority.3. It can be a possible security risk. What if a man convicted of having illegal automatic rifles, suddenly takes the policeman as a hostage. ? Police should be highly security conscious both of themselves and the public. It is highly stupid of the policeman to embrace Dutt, and not in keeping up with his job and putting himself and others to risk.Vijayaraghavan
vivek  jain vivek jain i sincerely believe dutt is the nicest man around. had the country's citizen thought of him as a terrorist, Munnbhai's Gandhigiri wouldn't have worked out on the box office. we love sanjay dutt. and we believe he has already paid.
haneef haneef haneef haneef forgive sunjay
Anchal Mishra Anchal Mishra sanjany sir u rox...i am in ur support totally
Amanjit Singh Dhaliwal Amanjit Singh Dhaliwal Its not bout Bollywood star Its bout an elder brother..Sanjay Dutt does not have any hand in Bomb Blast ..He is been convicted for possession of a gun for 5 yrs..There are so many pple in india who posses guns without any papers but cops n law cannot do anything to them cause next day they will see dead body of one of their loved ones..I know Sanju sir since i was born and is elder brother to me...He is a fighter and always been a grt guy not like today's generation who takes drugs but don't want to come out of it and thinks its cool...He fought on his habit and came out clean. i love u my big brothern olwz be with u ......
Charu Gulati Charu Gulati cant punish a man more, when he is already been punished enough for having gone through the nightmare for 20 years.
prateek  kumar prateek kumar pardon sanjay dutt
Bilal Naeem Bilal Naeem
bhuvan vikram bhuvan vikram
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