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John  Gillan John Gillan I am totally sick of do gooders in this country, a pub / club has always been an place to go and meet with yr pals & have a pint and a fag. If they dont like it..... dont go in ... simple !! The alternative is for everyone to give up smoking and drinking and watch the do gooders squirm when the government increses council tax, v.a.t on fuel and everything else to cover the revenue the have lost on tabacco & alcohol. Democracy.. my arse !! All the pubs & clubs are closing, soon there will be no where to go for a night out, the government wont need to police us because they will know where we are.... at home ! ( Is that not DICTATORSHIP ?) England is fast becoming a shithole 1 big Jeremy Kyle holding pen !
lora farren ms. lora farren ms. i would like to help in any way i can.
Jack Wootton Jack Wootton smoking ban is a joke, and i fully endorse you.
terence baines terence baines I have enjoyed a smoke and a pint for all of my life. I am now seventy. I remember when all pubs had a smoke room and it was at the landlords discretion wether you could smoke in the other rooms or not. I also enjoyed after a hard days work having a natter with all the locals a game of domminoes or darts. Non of this happens now because the pubs have emptied, because everybody who used to like a smoke ( the majority ) dosn't go into the pubs now. Now I would of admitted that the no smoking ban had worked if all the do gooders who got the ban for reasons of their health who said they could not go into pubs because of the smoke went into the pubs, but where are they you never see them, but they'r all out at Christmas saying isn't it nice to come into pubs and not having to put up with the smoke, but where were they the rest of the year? Is it no wonder that pubs are closing at the rate of twelve a day. There must be some way to get the stupid law recinded. Bring back the smoke room, no s
mary  mckenna mary mckenna I refuse to pay good money for a drink then stand outside,so therefore i have a drink at friends houses and save my money to go to spain where i can enjoy a cig with my drink,and when voting day comes around i will not be voting unless its for someone against smoking ban
Jaclyn Rollinson Jaclyn Rollinson
John Evans John Evans Bring Smoking Back Pubs Ar'nt The Same.
ryan seaford ryan seaford
carol davies carol davies its getting more like a big brother state i thought we were free to do what we want to do people should stand up for thier rights bring back the smoking as soon as possible
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