Oppose Compulsory Redundancies at UoS


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We the undersigned, being employees of Salford University, call on the Vice Chancellor to withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies:

Given the threat they pose to the job security of all employees, and to the reputation of the University, but above all because of the human cost to those directly affected, compulsory redundancy should only be resorted to when completely unavoidable.

We are not convinced that compulsory redundancies are completely unavoidable in the present case – especially as the Vice Chancellor himself has described the University’s financial position as sound.

The purported purpose of the threatened redundancies – to create savings for investment – can be achieved by other means: some savings will necessarily be achieved by voluntary redundancies.

We therefore call upon the Vice Chancellor to explore alternative means of making up whatever savings shortfall may remain once the numbers wishing to apply for Voluntary Severance are known.

We call upon the Vice Chancellor to make the details of that investigation known to the University community.

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